The Besnard Lakes


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The story of The Besnard Lakes begins at Besnard Lake: a spectacular yet secluded water feature in rural Saskatchewan which the Montreal group’s husband and wife core, Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, visit each summer for inspiration and escape. This year the couple’s campsite was surrounded for a worrying few days by forest flames, a literal ring of fire which informed the devil-may-care spirit of their exuberant fifth album.

“Besnard Lake is usually the place where we get the germination of ideas,” explains Jace. “We set up a small recording rig in the trailer we have up there .This time there were also helicopters with giant water tanks flying over us while we were fishing on the lake!”

Armed with demos and memories from their trip, the pair returned to the city and entered Breakglass Studios.  Unique among their furrowed brow peers, The Besnard Lakes are unafraid to marry textured, questing headphone sonics to the honeyed pleasure of radio hits past: the rapture of My Bloody Valentine entwined with the romance of Fleetwood Mac.  Imagine dreamy Beach House riding Led Zeppelin dynamics, with unabashedly androgynous vocal harmonies. This melodic yet mountainous soundworld was sculpted at Breakglass, their own modest Paisley Park."


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The band transitioned smoothly from 60’s eleki songs to modern compositions blending a variety of genres. Their greatest asset is their diversified instrumentation. The trombone and flute brought their sound to places a typical psych band can’t go.
Mariant des influences (respectives) qui vont du post-punk au noise en passant par le folk, le classique, les musiques latines, balkaniques et bien sûr nippones (quatre des sept membres sont d’origine japonaise), Teke Teke est un hommage à Takeshi Terauchi dans le fond plus que dans la forme, une entité qui ratisse aussi large que le grand guitariste nippon et qui propulse son œuvre à grands coups de riffs acérés dans le 21e siècle, offrant une pérennité que sans doute le principal intéressé n’aurait jamais osé espérer.
Exclamations de flûte shinobue, post-rock, trombone triomphal, projections psychédéliques et forts accents noise se brassent dans ce tourbillon qui met peu de temps avant de happer une foule qui sue déjà à grosses gouttes.

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