M for Mothland official showcase

@ M for Montreal - Look out for the moth sign! 


La Sala Rossa will be hosting the second edition of M For Mothland, a showcase presented by M For Montreal, Distorsion Psych Fest and Mothland. Catch space shoegazers yoo doo right, free jazz megaphone-wielding FET.NAT, eleki psych surf prodigies TEKE::TEKE and weird pop power trio Black LegaryFriday November 16th at La Sala Rossa.

Black Legary is a three-headed frontman-beast made of anthemic basslines, soaring swells, and jaw-dropping drum fills. The introspective texts are delivered by the most fragile and vulnerable singing that will break a billion hearts.

Bringing together musicians from projects such as Pawa Up First, Patrick Watson, and Gypsy Kumbia, TEKE TEKE was first an homage to legendary Japanese guitarist Takeshi ‘Terry’ Terauchi. While keeping their J-Rock roots, TEKE TEKE has quickly evolved into a band of its own by blending Eleki with elements of modern music such as shoegaze, post-rock and noise.

Free Jazz / Noise
FET.NAT is a Hull (Qc) band that creates a bombastic and off-kilter mix of punk, free jazz, and noise punctuated by-nihilistic franglais poetics. Their music is fueled by subversive themes from the sub-subconscious layered atop a collage of innovative rhythms and sonically diversified arrangements.

Inspired by the pounding rhythmic improvisations found in krautrock, they wed the browns and pinks of their guitar noise and synthesizer treatments through wall of sound best described as a car crash in slow motion. Solemn, chin-to-chin chest vocals dance in and out of the primordial sonic landscape as rubbery, nonchalant bass groves create a warm pillow to rest a weary head upon.

Marilyne Lacombe