Gladys Lazer


Gladys Lazer is the nomadic music solo project of Tel Aviv born musician Gal Lazer - also known for his unfathomable drumming with Yonatan Gat of Monotonix.

Recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in the countryside of SW Georgia, the debut EP, Candy World/Bye Past, features eight instrumental pathways: sonic vignettes that combust breakbeat, post-jazz, krautrock, and trip-hop in a cycle of pastoral daydreamscapes and electronic dirges: all percussive, melodic delights.

Taken part in a multitude of festivals such as “Desert Daze” “Pop Montreal” “Meteor” Gladys Lazer will be releasing a 2nd EP via Boiled Records this spring and will be touring throughout 2019.


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An immensely skilled percussionist, Lazer looks like Iggy Pop and drums with the thrashing insanity of Keith Moon-a sort of precise madness that you don’t see too often. His style was sexy, staccato, punk-jazz genius. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him…or his unzipped fly, the latter of which may have distracted me from the fact that his brilliant playing was emanating from a toy drum kit. He played so fast that I originally thought he was working a double bass pedal, but I don’t think those have saturated the Fischer Price My-First-Drum-Kit market quite yet”
— Audiofemme
Lazer stayed up to something interesting almost continuously. He sketched out detailed polyrhythmic funk chatter, keeping his playing intense even in quiet sections, and then abruptly left his drum kit to stretch or walk around.
— New York Times

Landmark Shows

METEOR (2018)